Dragon's Name: Zerma-nete

Gender: Female

Species: Gryvern/Lesser Kynnese/ Schatternaki/Geperna/Whorling/ Featherdragon/Old World/ Danachian/SCD/Iullerbrillan Mutt

Height: 14' tall

Length: 38' long

Color: Silver (With red bands)

Basic Personality:Stubborn, Determined

Abilities: Dark Majyck, Conjure Fire, Influence Fire

Majyck Range: 2'

Manifestation Range: 1'

Name: Sasuke
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Species: Wolf-Shifter
Eye Color: Black Mixed With Amber
Hair / Fur Color: Blue Black
Complexion: Fair
Residence: Shantai Waterway
Personality: Cold, Intense, distant and angery at him self for things that where out of his control.
Abilities: Shift to Wolf Form, Fire Manipulation, Inhanced Self-Healing, Inhanced Sight & Hearing